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Nadim Kurani

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Nadim Kurani

Nadim Kurani, B.Arch, AIGA


Nadim Kurani is an award-winning Creative Director, Designer, and Communication Artist with over 25 years of experience in the creative field. Nadim has a multidisciplinary portfolio of significant work to his credit in the design community, with unique expertise and skill sets that are geared towards architectural design, branding, marketing and communication strategies for public and private ventures, with an eye to quality and value.

Nadim is also an avid industrial artist and illustrator whose work has sold in numerous galleries, debuted in movie and TV shows (WB/1997/Batman & Robin, and CBS/1994/David Copperfield 15 Years of Magic), and published in high-profile magazines (Wired, Playboy, Vogue, and Tomorrow’s Technology Today).